Introducing The Rye Farmhouse Ale :: Notes from the Owner


When we had an M.I.A. tap take over last year, we hosted several taps from M.I.A. brewing. Among them, one called the “Chango” that I mistakenly would call “Chonga” by accident. As a joke, I told Eddie (M.I.A’s brewmaster) that Bousa wanted to do a collaboration brew with M.I.A. and that we could call it “Chongalicious” given that it would be brewed by women brewers– namely Kayla and Cat (who no longer works with M.I.A. anymore).  With both their blessing, we went forward with the idea.  For those that don’t know,  Chonga is a very popular Miami street term.   A quick search on Urban Dictionary is a good laugh.

Crafting the Rye Farmhouse Ale

We decided to make the collaboration brew a Rye Farmhouse Ale because rye adds an element of spice to the beer.  Since this particular brew was going to be brewed exclusively by females the aim was to make  it a “spicy beer” to capture the essence of the “spicy” women of Miami (our Bousa brewer, Kayla, being no exception)

Farmhouse simply refers to the type of yeast we use, which is a Saison yeast, but farmhouse is a pretty general classification of ale beers. The use of Rye was inspired by the bourbon distillery industry here in the states, who started using rye as a compliment to barley to give it more spiciness antique flavors. It is not very common, however, because it adds additional challenges to the brewing process given its lack of “husks.”

The first rye beers were brewed in Germany, however, called the “Roggenbiers,” which have also been replicated by many American breweries during recent years. Those beers had much more rye than we used though.

Once we had the concept down, we called upon several female brewers for the collaboration– not just from M.I.A brewers.  We collaborated with the female brewers from Wynwood Brewery as well as Concrete Beach. It was a fun, estrogen laced, brew day in which Harold and I stayed away out of fear (joke).  We’re pretty pleased with how it turned out.  We hope you and the spicy Miami women in your life enjoy…