Hermes IPA, in collaboration with the MBA — Notes from the Owner


Our friendship with the Miami Brewers Academy (MBA) dates back to 2017 when Todd Space, Director of the MBA and coincidently a neighbor of Bousa, began using the Bousa facilities to teach his students on several topics. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the MBA, the mission of the program is to offer passionate homebrewers and professionals from all walks of life the experience of working and learning in operating breweries. It is more than just a Homebrewing class, the program truly meshes the theory of brewing with the real world application of local brewers. Every brewery is different, every brewery encounters different challenges and relies on different resources and infrastructure, so by working together with our local brewers and business owners, the students are able to filter pure theory with practice.

We started hosting MBA sessions at Bousa in mid-2017, but it wasn’t until Hurricane Irma that our collaboration deepened. After the hurricane, not only did we lose a lot of product due to the power loss, but we also found ourselves temporarily without a Head Brewer. You know, just another hiccup we had to deal with before fully opening (that was sarcasm…it sucked). At this point we had to regroup, so we reached out to different breweries and homebrewers about hosting collaboration brews as a way of sustaining small batch production for our recently (albeit softly) opened Tap Room. I called Todd and asked if the MBA was interested in brewing their first group beer at Bousa, and being the community champ that he is, he immediately said yes! We brewed our first collaboration, an Amber Ale, at Bousa shortly after, and both the MBA students as well as myself learned a lot from each other and our system given the adventure of brewing without an experienced Head Brewer present. The MBA is a perfect example of the Craft Community coming together with an open door policy to teach and promote not only the success stories of the industry but also the challenges and hurdles that every local brewery lives with day-in and day-out. Bousa will be eternally grateful to Todd and his students for helping Bousa in our time of need, and we celebrate the growing success of the MBA students as well as the entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity of its leader!

Crafting the Red/Rye IPA

Ever since our Hurricane Brew, Bousa has continued to host MBA sessions to teach multiple topics such as water treatment, yeast propagation, Malt Ingredients (our Head Brewer is an expert in this field) and others. As part of the new 2018 group of students, Todd asked us to host their first brewing session of the curriculum, and we were thrilled. Our Head Brewer Kayla, Todd, and the students brainstormed ideas and landed on the option of brewing a malty Red Ale with a twist of Rye. This beer uses a blend of citrusy and aromatic low-beta acid hops and was carefully filtered for a clean, crisp, spicy finish. We hope you enjoy this collaboration brewed by a fantastic group of talented and ambitious students under the leadership and mentorship of their Director Todd Space and our Head Brewer Kayla Brogna.

Due to the red hue of this beer, we were reminded of our good friend and artist Hermes Berrio whose fantastic “red bull” (pictured above) calls our taproom home.   Hence the secondary name Hermes IPA



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